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positive reform

February 29, 2016

The soldier wholly approved of the overturning of this decision. The original judgement was based on some untraceable virtue pricking barely pricking the horizon, always just out of sight, uncatchable.

tightening belief

February 28, 2016

He threw dust at the crying child and barked a reprimand. It was almost enough to make him try to communicate with yesterday’s bully, never mind the dishonor. Unlike others he did not discredit reports of his mysterious failure to die.

unsalved operations

February 27, 2016

Their bodies were constructed together, out of complementary parts. They always bought replacements in packs of two. But the patterns of wear were different on each of them, which was an important claim in the documents filed for separation proceedings.


February 26, 2016

They met and fell in love at the skate park outside the cap factory. They talked through long afternoons on the hills by the lake shore, and decided to launch a campaign to reconsider standardization.

conform to cause

February 25, 2016

Coming round a step turn he was surprised by a knot of sheep crossing the road. After the initial shock of impact he just kept going. It took him a few minutes to fully realize what had happened, and once he remembered hearing a yell, he turned the car around. He thought vaguely, without too much thought of consequences, that he should go back and check, and so he did. He pulled off the road a small space away from the cluster of sheep and got out. After he walked up to the carcass in the middle of the road, he saw a bloody trail leading away from it. He followed it off into the brush and soon found a boy, about ten, who had dragged his broken body some yards off the road.


contradictory colorings

February 24, 2016

The gods mis-spoke their judgement. The bird flew from the tree. The pots in all the kitchens were broken, then mended with lead.

inner product

February 23, 2016

The stick with which the request was written became a museum piece. It was lost for many years, and several counterfeits surfaced. A government commission was set up to determine which was genuine. The commission itself had to be re-organized six months into its work when the staggering bribes behind it were uncovered.

mislaid selfie

February 22, 2016

He struggled to roar, but he web had already started to congeal in his throat. He found his lungs working although his windpipe was blocked, and this is what finally caused him to panic.

disjoint obligation

February 21, 2016

Commercial decorum did not allow specifying the individual perpetrator of the racist jokes for which the establishment was apologizing, but without the details of justice customer trust failed. A separate organ was created to rebuild confidence in the parent corporation. A scape goat, or an agent with such superior grace that it can take on another’s negative karma.

pour on the hail

February 20, 2016

Underneath the most brownish smoke huddled the shareholders. The ballots we had given them had reacted to the gas just as we had discussed.