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apprenticeship notice

March 31, 2015

The racketeering law was amended so that the rehabilitation of all the offenders in the criminal organization was coordinated. The view was, they were going to communicate anyway, that communication should be monitored, coordinated, and put to as good a use as possible. Previous to this, when a convict was erroneously grouped with the organization, they would just leave him alone. But now they had to work with him, and they were all collectively responsible for his progress, as they were for that of everyone else.



March 30, 2015

The sumptuousness of the fruit was the result of a disease. you had to pluck it just at the right time, or else the disease would spread to other crops, even to the bees that pollinated the trees. The disease came in a powder every winter, cooked from the labs the previous fall, with precise dates for when to spread it, and media addresses to follow for any changes made necessary by the weather. It was a hard business to break into. Maybe you had to come at the market from a new direction.

translated cough

March 29, 2015

He set up the sound manually. It seemed like more work, but it cut down on him stressing out during the program of whether the bots had done it correctly. Fields with this north-south orientation made it easy for us. The ditch was thoroughly hidden. No matter how they dragged, their search wouldn’t find it.

terror profile theory

March 28, 2015

Every time we sat down to discuss the guardianship my adrenaline got going. My negotiator had to tweak the discussion to the point it seemed to me to be about something else, but we were able to cover all the points and then apply them later. But if I detected one smudge even still, watch out.


March 27, 2015

“I take as my example the forces of nature,” she said. “They act without conscience. So will I.”

“You misinterpret. Inherent within nature is balance, which you lack.”

In response, she laughed. “I will show you how mistaken you are.”

adultery detergent

March 26, 2015

The aim of the program was to solubilize desire into a more general care, and then refine it to a merit-generating empathy. The problem was finding the right emotional solvent and catalyst. A lot of trial and error was involved.

buddy stores

March 25, 2015

The two jewelry stores shared an arrangement that dated back two generations to when the original owner split his inheritance between two sons. Both stores had been sold since then, but the arrangement remained, although it was never formalized. It just remained part of the standard operating procedure of each store, with some pooling of inventory and staff. It was severely tested when one store was robbed – amazingly, for the first time since the stores were split.


March 24, 2015

You are nosing around in my affairs like a sow rooting in the dirt. You think my disdain for your concerns is egoism. Can’t you see that a celestial puzzle is worth more than patriotism?

make equal to a shooting star

March 23, 2015

Every two or three days he went to sit out on the lawn chair and turned on the sprinkler system. To get cool he said, but it was to hide the tears is what I chose to believe. He didn’t want his cronies to see. One time Elaine asked him if that were true, even though I told her not too. He told her his tears had dried out long ago. “Ha!” I said, “So he doesn’t do it to hide his tears, but to feel them again!”


March 22, 2015

On her way to the kitchen Diane sees the rough woolen cap peeking from under the couch where their guest was sleeping. Peter is preparing breakfast. “He is a parasite. He does nothing but depletes our pantry,” she says.

“I wouldn’t say that,” replied Peter. “He gives us a reminder of our responsibility to our fellows. He gives us our humanity. He listens to us, and offers no comment.”

“But shouldn’t he at least give us that? His own perspective?”

He heard them but pretended he didn’t. When they are gone he extracts himself and goes for a walk. He doesn’t think he should return. If he stayed away he would give freedom to everyone, to them and to himself. But he can’t think of where else to go or what else to do, so he goes back.