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prepared to skim through

November 30, 2014

The multifaceted stamp allowed the official to mark documents for different dispositions by quickly turning the stamp through different twists and angles. We had carved in changes to one side which would allow us to bypass further checks and audits, but we still waited in suspense, because for our plan to work he still had to use that face in the right combination.


surplus exploit

November 29, 2014

One of the last people still capable of flattery raffled off her services and was beaten by the unsatisfied winner.


November 28, 2014

The fight started when the visitor boasted that everyone in his country was patriotic, to the point that even the farm animals sang the national anthem, and another patron responded that it only seemed so because in fact, the national anthem was based on the bleats of the farm animals.

inciteful music

November 27, 2014

After the bride torpedoed the investigation, a song from a previously unknown artist that basically called her out on it became a perennial hit.

shared flow

November 26, 2014

When she discovered that there was not enough brilliantine in stock to supply the inter-university hibernation activities, she had to improvise an alternative from the underdrains below the quad.

breathe into

November 25, 2014

Our world was water, our cities were all within the sea. On the sea floor, the 9000 worked the mines and put into the water the minerals that fed our floating crops. Their conditions were harsh, but we held their families in the cities, so they rarely gave trouble. We did not expect revolt to come from the families.


November 24, 2014

He had nothing to tie the waist of his trousers. He was tired. He had a thin grasp on them when he saw the tank drive up. He raised his hands and they dropped to his ankles.


November 23, 2014

A lengthened comb means more anonymous users.

dismantling elucidation

November 22, 2014

For evidence of the captivating lack of defensive pull, you can point at the slow deception of the old woman until she was completely encased in enamel.

termination shock

November 21, 2014

They played together not knowing that they were both concealing the same skin disease.