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disparity and disrespect

September 30, 2014

My research has been centered on the fact that although both groups of animals are warm-blooded, there is a disparity between the metabolism of mammals and dinosaurs and birds. Out of that comparison I have been accused of characterizing all mammals by this difference –  that is, that this disparity is the essence of being a mammal. But I have been misquoted. In a translation of an interview I gave in my native tongue, two vowels were combined into one, completely changing the sense of the word I had used.



September 29, 2014

Cough up your bravery, son. don’t betray the sign of your widow’s peak. The ribbon sewn by the reckoning sisters show you prioritization, but here, look – I unravel it. We enter the age of congratulation.

lost shape

September 28, 2014

The golden leaf had deteriorated by 50% according some measures before they determined that the antibiotic treatments used by anyone who handled it were the cause. The administrators thereafter used gloves, tongs, or remote robot hands within a sterile booth. Still, the increased mental abilities were only granted by it through direct touch, so all supplicants had to risk infection.

the tear collector

September 27, 2014

Tears were an important ingredient in his alchemy. He did not use them to keep a vain queen beautiful or to turn lead into gold, but as a precursor to a formula that might help his sickly and beloved bird turn into a phoenix. He paid young children handsomely for a full dose of tears. He had to have a method to prove that they had exhausted their eyes and could cry no more.

microbial embezzlement

September 26, 2014

The first methods for smuggling out the bioengineering were crude. They involved vomiting. Later more sophisticated techniques used specialized pores, or even hermetic pockets that resembled self-healing abscesses. The smuggling techniques were, in fact, more valuable than most of the contraband.

thirty-nine utensils

September 25, 2014

The aluminum objects were initially displayed triumphally. When they were looked for later, all that was found was anger, brandished in despair.

fast disconnects

September 24, 2014

She was contracted to devise abstractions to fly over the dark territories. Some of them were meant to return with instantiations, or even just implications or corollaries, at any rate with some kind of accretion. Others were meant to deliver intentions, and still others just to stir up activity, of a particular or more often of any kind at all. But the only thing that ever changed was whether our instruments read dark, or nothing at all.

undermind exemption

September 23, 2014

Inspecting the tapestry’s fringe, I was briefly mortified that a part of it was missing, but it was only in the mouth of one of those playful animals. Strange that I could not perceive him, but I quickly dismissed the thought.

consideration and consultation

September 22, 2014

The defrocked monk promised the weakest swimmer that the brown slush would cure the weak drive in his cells and unshackle his breath. The boy accepted and after drinking gave the man a queer look. “Not what you expected?” asked the monk.

accustomed provisions

September 21, 2014

Overhearing the conversation at the next table, he thought it was just chitchat but then realized one of the conversants was telling the other a parable, in which the agricultural subsidies then under debate were represented by a blacksmith’s forge. He stood up in anger and snatched the speaker’s party headband from her head. “It’s people like you that make me sick.”