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razor shell

May 31, 2014

Children brought in pails full of the small snails to sell him, which they collected on the beach. He paid others to pull them from their shells, and he then crushed them and mixed them into a black, syrupy drink. He believed this to have powers upon desire and reproduction. But he paid no attention to the overflow from his distillations, which was lapped up by the dogs.


holding back

May 30, 2014

The biocovering which had prove so valuable as camoflauge since every pattern was not only unique but slowly shifting. When they all started to show the same type of garish variegation, the lab techs scrambled, and brought in outside thinkers to help. Was it environmental? Was there a contamination of the gene pool? Something recessive that wasn’t caught?

pain at rest

May 29, 2014

After a call from a neighbor a city inspector declared my garage a hazard. When I talked to him about it he said it was mould, it must be, something was playing havoc with his allergies. I think he just doesn’t like the look of it. But when I had a contractor come over to look at it he said he couldn’t do anything until the bee colony was removed.

suitable channel

May 28, 2014

The video surveillance clearly showed the janitor urinating on the statues before he cleaned them.

“I guess we have to fire him.”

“Well I don’t know. He does clean up after himself. And he’s so cheap.”

“Yeah now we know why.”

atmosphere of atonement

May 27, 2014

He had certifications for over a dozen belssings on his resume, and had invented many more which had never passed through authorizatin, either because he hadn’t submitted them or they had gotten bogged down in the red tape. A big pile of them were held down by a pistol that some fan had sent him and which he used as a paperweight. On it handle was engraved: “For cheaters and dichotomists”.

the complex noise of automagic

May 26, 2014

She was extremely attracted to men who lost their tempers – part of her Electra comple, she guessed. But at the same time she was also a dom. A friend of hers helped her devise traps that her partners would spring when they flew off the handle, and that would then put them in restraints. She worried she was friend-zoning her helper, and would occasionally try to fix him up on dates.

piston street

May 25, 2014

His friend asked him what transformation surprised him the most after his release from prison. “Well,” he said, “What gets me is how the people seem to have shuffled. I mean, all the people are the same, all the roles available for them to play are the same, but each person has chosedn a different role than before.”

“Oh yeah? And like, what role am I playing now, versus what I was before?”

He looked at his friend. “You don’t want me to tell you that.”

the predictions of anthropology

May 24, 2014

Once we broke through into the interior of the building it was nothing like the documents described, which in fact made the building itself much less interesting and the documents much more interesting.


May 23, 2014

After innumerable close calls and two moderate fires, the bottom of the idol was finally rubberized.

put into motion

May 22, 2014

We didn’t realize that refinancing would be this dangerous. Womanly diligence was necessary, supplemented by masculine flashes of angry, heedless courage. Like when we found the publisher’s warehouse and burned it down.