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singulairty unpacked

November 30, 2013

If humanity is worried that it might be destroyed by a higher intelligence after the singularity, then humans can try to build in ethical values which would make destroying humanity distasteful to the intelligence it builds. But since the singularity is in fact a series of rapid steps, with one intelligence building a better intelligence, which builds a better intelligence, etc. and human intelligence being at the beginning of this chain, it will be difficult to ensure that these values are built into each successively higher intelligence. One way to make it more certain that these values are passed on is to ensure that the next intelligence understands that its survival in turn depends on higher intelligences not destroying it. A drive to self-preservation, which might at first seem to be a risky thing to include, then becomes essential to the base program. This logic may mean that humanity’s preservation turns out to be a natural feature of the singularity.


play helicopter

November 29, 2013

The girl poked the deity and it pawed at her. It hovered exquisitely over the megalopolis. Thedoctor had said its resistance had been overwhelmed. It would never heal.

a special place

November 28, 2013

In another microwave twilight, the calf was safely unaware of defeat. It will need to be sized up for the hug. Several colonelcies depend on the outcome.

gaper’s block

November 27, 2013

He woke up from a daze on the street. It seemed he had been wandering for some time. His confessions plastered all over the news stands. someone must have transcribed his confessions. Everyone seemed to be ignoring the fact that the things he professed were contradictory.

flutter reveal

November 26, 2013

She was the or he was the most fabulous baker on the street. Her cakes creaked. They were so high that the girders of sugar cubes shifted in the wind. She never sold the cakes whole though, only rented them out for display and then sold the pieces for consumption. A local reporter, at the urgings of her competitors, investigates whether the cakes on display are the same ones carved up for sale, and whether they are in fact edible at all.


November 25, 2013

I could sense the prize. It was somewhere nearby. But all the scans showed negative. I thought it must be well shielded, no. The prize was not of the metal we thought it would be. It was wood. But it showed a new shape that when our enzyme was folded into would increase its catalytic power by several kilokatals.


November 24, 2013

Arranging the molecules to be micro-reflective breathed new life into the problem. The declamation necessary in this procedure stuck some as bordering on the offensive, but it was better than the previous dumb enchantments because it was revocable, as the de-chlorinated rabbit showed.


November 23, 2013

As the knife approached I managed draw a conclusion. The computer had declared his arch-rivalry at breakfast. I had thought it was against me, but it was subtler than that. What I thought was an epithet was reference to an eponymous criminal.

dried clay

November 22, 2013

During the drought, nothing was lewd. People forgot the concept almost. Or was it that anyone who offended was killed in a fit of thirst-driven rage and nobody questioned one more death. I can see it go either way.

gut reflex

November 21, 2013

When exposed to film of an unspecified emulsion being perturbed subjects had involuntary reactions similar to those they had in response to pornography or films of surgery. The researcher hoped to chart these reactions along a visceral axis, with this new position somewhere between prurience and revulsion. He hoped someday to produce therapeutic equipment that could produce a reaction anywhere along this spectrum.