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bearing interest

October 31, 2013

The television was his greatest asset. It provided him a steady stream of information with which he could distract the besieging forces.

elaborate face

October 30, 2013

Finally he received an invitation to the party. In order to ingratiate himself with the hostess, he sewed twenty five rose petals together into a little bag, and inside he put a slip of paper with jus the words “thank you” written in pen. He sought her out as soon as he was admitted and found her on the deck behind the kitchen. When he presented his gift she smiled in surprise. “Oh, how lovely,” she said, and then she turned and fed it to the large pig standing next to her.



October 29, 2013

He never enjoyed the same standing as the other philosophers of the city, even though his books sold as well. He had a number of private pupils whom he had success in tutoring, but he could never make the jump to establishing a school. The problem was that he encouraged too much diversity of thought among his students, and when the auditors canvassed them to verify the tenets of the school, they never came away with what the would call coherence. So his charter was never awarded.

telling the origins of mermaids

October 28, 2013

“So she was trapped, bound to the exposed coral, as she watched the townsfolk walk away. All she could do was wait for the water to rise again.”

“And God granted her the power to breathe under water so she could survive, because he knew the people wouldn’t accept her?”

“No. A sea monster came and visited her…”

“And he gave her the power to breather underwater?”

“No, he raped her. He fashioned a pipe so she could breathe when the waters rose, and he brought her food to eat when they receded. But he kept her tied to the coral, and he kept on raping her. What she gave birth to as a result were the mermaids. The sea monster killed the boys and continued raping the girls. When the mermaids try to lure sailors into the ocean its in the hope of distracting the sea monster with another toy. But he just eats the sailors and continues to chase the mermaids to force himself upon them.”

employee turnover

October 27, 2013

The whole “not healing” thing is one of the biggest nuisances with having zombie workers. He found a guide to ensuring a safe workplace for hemophiliacs which was a good start. Then his six year old became fascinated with how they would just ooze blood if you cut them. His wife thought the kid needed therapy but he thought he understood the kid’s fascination. After all no one showed concern for the zombies like they would for pets or even certain valuable pieces of equipment. That was just one more reason for his wife to dislike having them around, but until she could offer a better way to get things done he felt he had won the argument.

open move

October 26, 2013

Initially we tried to keep the attack secret, but word got out weeks beforehand. We didn’t have time to flush out and punish the leakers. We were concentrated on the attack. We changed strategy so it would work even if everything about it was known. One way to do this was to use overwhelming force. Another, based on perfect information games in game theory, was to have several known options available and only deciding on which to use at the time of the attack.

lexicalization combatant

October 25, 2013

Ensnared, I was too stiffened with hate to bend. When I couldn’t find the words for a rejoinder, I threw together a pile of curses. My speech was somehow externally circumscribed. My captor came loping around the bend in the hallway. “Are you enjoying our anti-combinatorics?” he asked with amusement.


October 24, 2013

My great-grandmother kept a pine cone above her sink, which I inherited after she died. One of the few things left after my house fire was the seeds that the heat released from the cone, which I planted in the yard.


October 23, 2013

Falling in love has made me consider forgoing the October drip. When my love was unrequited I went back to the clinic to ingest the supplies I was owed, I found they had squandered them on someone’s research project.


October 22, 2013

The kitchen servant discovered a new food additive when, after butchering the crocodile, he added the half-digested contents of its stomach to the stew.