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phosphorescence refined

September 30, 2013

We lost control of the reaction and the surface of the immersion liquid froze over, then hardened to a strength of iron. The merchandise was trapped beneath. We watched helplessly as the dolls’ heads shrank. We knew the people of the future would guess our anatomy based on what was in there. I blamed Melvin and immediately started yelling furiously at him, then I stormed out. He came to my room later with two others. They had a plan to inject a putrefying agent.


place photo

September 29, 2013

As an adjunct to his cell phone rental business, he culled the photos from the returned phones and sold the images to a stock photo company. The police visited him after a fugitive from another country had shown up on one of the photos he had sold.

hobbled lead

September 28, 2013

The re-establishment of the foam party was made possible by a controversy over the regulation of a medicinal fungus. “They have to bend over to look down on us” was their motto. My journey with the party led me into great shame.

conspire to succumb

September 27, 2013

Privatization was driven by those who used to disturb each other but now, due to changing market conditions, were in rapport. But when they found the natural deposits drained they sought government protection from what they painted as hostile pursuit.

blind wave

September 26, 2013

Arthritis made me unable to the more physical chores. No more circumnavigating the lawn. I fell flabby into deconditioning. Vexed by the new risk assessment of junk food. The day I picked up my prescription of the new drug was the day of the earthquake.


September 25, 2013

He kept the eggs floating in a number of buckets under an awning on the roof. At least, I thought they were eggs. They were actually adolescent versions of the furry animals I had seen pronking around in the lawn. Though it wasn’t like a chrysalis, he explained, because they weren’t in a cocoon or any encasing – they were just curled very tightly into little balls.Their respiration and metabolism was obviously operating very differently. So what did they look like when they came out of this stage? He didn’t know yet.

perturbation cultivation

September 24, 2013

Hidden beneath his undershirt was a snuff case disguised as a book, but it was a size of book not seen in his country. So whenever he took it out people asked to see it, which if they did it would be obvious it wasn’t a book. so it wasn’t a good disguise and he kept it hidden beneath his undershirt. He took the snuff to chase away the spices in the morning meal, although that’s not what he told others when they found it. The person he finally did confide in was the school beekeeper.


September 23, 2013

“All your medals are made of cloths,” she said. “And your ribbons are made of metal. Do you train the cowardly into bravery, or ferret them out for dismissal? Do you smell of sweat in a rainstorm?” He couldn’t decide if this simulation was very good, or very bad.

lie fallow

September 22, 2013

“Life is a big cover up,” he said. “If you think this place is overpopulated what do you think it’s like where all these souls are coming from. They want to make this place into an incarceration. Yeah, there’s a plan. But I’ve got an idea on how to fight it.”


September 21, 2013

Disgusted with the bullshit, he threw out the lifestyle prescription drugs. His cognition was weakened, so he ignored the obvious and aimed the single-phase plane at the crescent moon.