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sculpted raindrop

June 30, 2013

Bob’s wire-working was just a hobby. He sold some stuff on etsy, no big deal. But someone contact him and told him that he was making a film and he wanted Bob to work on it.


June 29, 2013

The bell outside resembles the sound of you telling me off. I wish I could take it down, but it’s a neighbor’s, and how do I explain to him the reason it’s bothering me? For a while I seriously considered moving but I was stuck in the lease and didn’t have many other options. After a few months I grew so accustomed to the sound I wondered if it was a mistake not marrying you.



June 28, 2013

In that long gone society, characterized by an unflinching rigor, there was a special style of sandal worn by those who trod on the unfit, the sick and the ill-born. Now in our time that style of sandal has been brought back to the market, but my parents won’t let me wear a pair.

windy mention

June 27, 2013

After reporting bad news so many times it was hard for me to be mystified at the multiple doomsdays. I lived at a hardened address. The timing and dosages of the drugs allowed me to focus on the reports, but through the side effects I learned I served those who were going to depart.

found out

June 26, 2013

The shooter was easy to spot. He was half-burned from his use of the gun. He had over-modulated it as predicted by the profilers and weapon experts. He had been dominated by what he had hoped would be pocket governance.

cull takeover

June 25, 2013

The secularist chaplain produced an edginess in many of the wounded. He had turned to this work after losing his trade license. His arguments were water-tight and trimmed with lace, but he still wasn’t able to convince most of the men that the monster didn’t exist. They believed that at best it had returned to its den for a time.

the squirrel’s devotion

June 24, 2013

When his partner was bogged down in criminal procedures he supported him in what ways he could, piling up the evidence and kindling, and buying the reagents which when combined would acts as the incendiary agent.


June 23, 2013

During the extra days of the calendar the all functions of the capital were moved to another city. Boosters of a rival city planned a number of coordinated bombings for the day that it would be empty.


June 22, 2013

Certain classes were for atheists only. The religious had lobbied hard to be excused, and now they wondered what was being taught there. A certain faction decided to infiltrate. The agent they sent had to write several essays on his decision to reject of faith. He thought they were a screening process. It took him a while to realize they were the substance of the class.

trouble brewing

June 21, 2013

The argument over whether we were overpaying the supplier escalated into a wrestling match. During our grappling in the lab we broke the alcoholometer. We didn’t get around to replacing it before the inspector stopped by.