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activity trap

May 31, 2013

He lifted one of the headsets from its hook on the wall and pressed the button next to the glass window. A young woman’s voice said, “This monstrosity of an inkstand inspired some of the greatest typography of that century.” He decided to track down that woman. Maybe she would know why those words were chosen.


murmuring ordinance

May 30, 2013

Even though the torpedo was a dud the water it stirred up in its wake was excited into a small electrical potential, which then stimulated the growth of corrosive protozoa which decimated every ship that travelled through that area in the following years.

opposition maintenance

May 29, 2013

The splotches on his coat showed that he had gone through the peach orchard. On that his opponents hung his denunciation. the dispute over anthropizing the frontier escalated. The storehouse was burned down. We survived the winter by living off of mussels that had been herded into the bay by the tidal power station.

render a custom

May 28, 2013

What makes travel sublime is the unexpected adventure. I was beginning to fear we had packed too well, that nothing unexpected would happen. When our portmanteau was unloaded from the bus at the hotel, it was full of holes. Our possessions had leaked out of it like an especially free-flowing liquid.

match move

May 27, 2013

Once he saw his opponent’s next move, he knew he could not win. There was no reason to continue. In fact mathematical proofs had been published in academic journals showing that there was no way to win. No lessons he could draw from the play after this point would be any use to him, since this game was the end of his career. In the history of the game, every other player in his position had resigned. But he played on to the end, because his gods told him it was his duty.


May 26, 2013

The rage labor of which the current hegemony consists is passing away. Pills have allowed a return of the sense of taste. The chubby girl I’m dating strives after a desk job, but the way crowds are battering prosecutors they will all likely be discontinued.


May 25, 2013

A quadruple junction of doctrinal objectification results in an apology issued to the opposing staff. The apology is etched with acid into metal and riveted to the base of the bridge built over their world’s largest chasm. The council plants an olive tree in the chamber courtyard.

paged out

May 24, 2013

The translator kept fluttering in and out as she was paged out to make room in memory for some other process. What this process was the producers couldn’t figure out. It was enough of a fiasco that the interviewer felt he had to resign. He had enough of a fan base to provide crowd funding for a new, smaller show, but he had bred enough enmity that anything he tried to do was DOS’ed out of existence. He cultivated a stable of protégés to do his work by proxy.

attempted raise

May 23, 2013

My provostship of the prison gas mine was doomed after I bungled the new technology for unloading the supply ships. As a consequence the impoverished northwest provinces slipped further into pagan idol worship.

adjustment settings

May 22, 2013

the rheostat on the bedroom light wasn’t accurate enough for me. i installed a large handle, about half a meter long, which provided more granular control. then i drew an arc and marked out degrees on it. i put x’s at certain points for what i considered optimal lighting for certain activities: reading in bed, nap, intimate times, night-time navigation to the bathroom. my wife just rolled her eyes. about a week and a half later i noticed new x’s that someone else had drawn there: “casing the joint,” “burglary,” “adultery.”