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the snog shack

October 31, 2012

Parents were outraged at the new cafe near the high school which targeted itself at amorous teenagers. The owner explained that it were better for their children to share their intimacies in one of his booths, since although they afforded privacy with a screen, it only extended above the waist, so that legs and hips were always visible.



October 30, 2012

A lawyer farmed out all of his opening statements and summations to an online writing job marketplace. When he started reneging on payment and using the speeches anyway, a group of regulars on the job forum joined together to track him down and take their revenge.

addiction actress

October 29, 2012

She was a favorite of a certain cadre of true-crime infotainment television producers who would put a different wig on her and put her in that week’s dramatic recreation. Through one of the shows she was introduced to a network of drug treatment centers and a counselor at one of those had the brainstorm to hire her to be a part of certain interventions, where she would play someone in the addict’s life who was deceased. It was all very tastefully done.


October 28, 2012

A jaileress falls in love with a prisoner and makes up false accusations of misconduct in order to keep him longer.


October 27, 2012

In the middle of his reelection campaign a congressman stages an accident to generate sympathy for him, but it doesn’t go as planned and actually cripples him.

redirecting current

October 26, 2012

Though he was a winemaker, he would covet a cupful of water on another’s table. He would covet a cup of vinegar. So he never went out. He still stewed in envy alone, but it was more bearable than seeing anyone else enjoying or having any other thing. The abbot came to know of him (no one was ever sure how) and sent a monk to fetch him. Taking the cowl and becoming a monk was his only answer. The fist monk he killed in a sudden paroxysm of envious fury. But the abbot was not deterred, even after the second was also killed. The next was ready, and so survived to try again several times. The emissary did not consult the abbot on strategy, but was determine to work out success by himself, with God’s help.

die, versify

October 25, 2012

After salmon fishing was banned, the indigent fishermen started camping out on or near the grounds of the governor’s mansion. The governor hired an outside company to depauperize his estate. The first part of their plan was to send a poet into the camps. He wandered about, swinging a knife from his fingers, or using it to whittle a stick which he would often compare to a straight ruler that he kept in his satchel. Rumor spread of his works, which he called interweavings. He made them with his straight ruler. How could something used as a model for straightness produce such sinuous windings? was what they all wondered.


October 24, 2012

It was because we capsized that we were able, accidentally, to run the blockade. What was heaped became ballast. Trying to adjust the submerged cargo, it exploded and killed two of us. The sails now acted as an underwater break. They saved us from being rushed into shore cliffs, but slowed us going anywhere else. We worked on cutting them loose, and rebuilding the ship upside down, moving what masts we could dislodge, or any spares, to what was now above water. Time stretched out, rarefying our lives but concentrating our relations with each other. Jealousy disappeared, but resentment grew stronger.

dry dock

October 23, 2012

The port where we put in to refit after the hurricane was ruled by a chieftaness who was at that time laid low by an ectopic pregnancy. they would not allow our surgeon on shore to help her because the doctors of our nation were associated with bringing what they called the ‘west cough’. They brought her on board where the doctor was able to extract the fetus and seal it in one of our amniotic bags. Her council of vice-rulers circled our ship in their ceremonial boats and sent their husbands to ask if perhaps she had not made it? They seemed disappointed to leard she would recover. We did not mention the child, however, and they assumed that it was dead. Upon some difficult negotiations, she was able to return to shore. But she instructed us to bury the amniotic bag at a certain place on a nearby beach, where she would retrieve it in a few months’ time. This would give her a chance to plan how to properly introduce the child.

emptied out

October 22, 2012

When you travel through that realm, avoid the baby wolf who has squandered his governing by dispersing the noncancer pups out of the dollhouse and out into the interworld. He lives in regret and will snap at you out of hatred for himself. He spends his days napping in the dry tartan circle of his doggie bed, dreaming of the epitaph the technowizards will write for him.