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daily round up

March 31, 2012

He thought of bathing as erasing evidence of his experience and didn’t like to wash until he had time to to record the marks the day so he could interpret them later. When his wife found the pictures on his phone she took them as evidence of infidelity.

pending annuncement

March 30, 2012

While watching her husband perform a triathlon she received news that their dog had been struck and killed by a car. She waits until the end of the race to tell him.

reaper hack

March 29, 2012

She snuck under the fence onto the commercial fields to gather the nanomachines that were sown to grow with the approved seeds. For the science fair she showed that they could grow with other seeds as well as long as the properly tuned fields were present, which got her expelled. At the reform school she went to next her new friends convinced her to try it on animals.


hit and run marriage

March 28, 2012

The car that hit his on the expressway on the way to his betrothal ceremony was being driven by his future wife. After some negotiation the families agreed the marriage should go forward and that she would be responsible for his long-term care.


March 27, 2012

The tunnels under the city is flooding, and a team is assigned to go through them and evacuate all of the homeless people living there.

next move

March 26, 2012

He was hailed a the savior of his people, as the fulfillment of a prophecy. But at the awards ceremony, he refused the honors. “Is it really an award if iI’m predestined for it? to me it is a doom. An award must be given because of a choice made. You can award me when I step away from the prophecy.”

The problem, then, was how to tell him whether he has was adhering to the prophecy or not. If they told him the prophecy ahead of time, he would probably go against it. But otherwise how would he believe that they hadn’t retroactively decided what the prophecy was based on what he had already done?


March 25, 2012

His friend called the storm a great music and smiled as he stepped out into the destroying wind and died. He didn’t go the funeral, to the disapproval of his friends and family, because he felt he couldn’t accept his friends death at all until he accepted it as a good thing, until he was happy for his friend. Slowly he realized the reason he couldn’t be happy for his friend was because he was jealous.

the foodmonger

March 24, 2012

The foodmonger fell asleep leaning on his cart. He had traveled some ways down the road away from the town to capture traffic of the pilgrims and festival goers. He had gotten up very early and had walked a long way that morning. He should have done his traveling the night before so he could rest before the long day he had just had. Now he was too tired to walk his cart back, and he did not take the time nor had he the materials to make a camp of any sort. He had just stopped to rest briefly and leaned against his cart, and then suddenly he found himself waking up with no idea what time it was. He quickly found that his purse was gone. Another traveller found him sitting dejectedly and guessed what had happened. This man offered to help get his purse back – in return for another favor.


March 23, 2012

There was scholarly debate about why he was revered as a saint in one country and reviled as a devil incarnate on another: was it because he led a rapine war of conquest, or was he an even remoter figure whose biography was translated differently. Differing politics in each country promoted different theories.


March 22, 2012

There was a line of process servers outside of John Smith’s apartment building one morning, as he was hit with nine hundred and fifty-three lawsuits due to a database error at the courthouse. The lawyer he hired recommended the simple step of moving out of his current address of 123 Main Street. And en of course suing the pants of the IT contractors who worked for the court.